A Life Without You

Touching, funny and bittersweet, this will make you laugh, cry, and call your best friend to tell her you love her. 


30-year-old Dee Harper and her husband Joe are blissfully happy. Every day she makes her loyal parents Val and Don incredibly proud. Jen has been her best friend and 'adopted sister' since the days of teenage crushes, bad 90's make-up and huge hair. 


They are just like any other group of family and friends, living life and getting by with equal measures of love and laughter.


Until one day everything changes. 


Dee is gone, killed by a reckless driver, leaving the people she loved to deal with their grief in different ways. 


A marriage is rocked as a parent becomes consumed with seeking justice. A husband struggles to accept the loss of his wife and their future. And a friend discovers that there were shocking secrets that went unshared. 


But all of them have to learn that the only way forward is to let go of the past. 


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