Temptation Street



Have you ever taken a wrong turn into Temptation Street...?


Suze has a niggling feeling that her husband Karl's marital sat-nav has taken a wrong turn and led him down the road to temptation. What's a suspicious wife to do?


Mel knows that her sweet, docile husband Joe would never, ever cheat. But when Suze, her sister-in-law, hires a honeytrap to test Karl, the results blow Mel's world apart.


Mel, Joe, Suze, Karl. They're family. They're friends. And they're about to discover whether or not they can navigate those other f-words - fidelity and forgiveness.


Or is relationship misbehaviour much more fun when it's a two-way street?


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‘A darker twist on the usual chick-lit’ Heat magazine


‘This well written and humorous book features some brilliant and believable characters’ Star magazine


‘Funny, sexy and insightful, prepare to be thoroughly entertained by this romcom for realists!’ Closer ***** 


‘The fabulously funny Shari Low is one of Scotland’s best loved authors. Her observations about the trials and tribulations of relationships never fail to raise a smile and on occasion, shed a tear.

Her latest novel is no different and a must-read for women everywhere’ No 1 magazine