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My latest release is my first non-fiction book, Because I Said So. It's a funny collection of features and columns that I've written about family life over the course of the last fifteen years, from the nappy days, to waving my teenagers off as they leave home (not crying, just have something in my eye). 

Whether parents are new, experienced, or soon-to-be, hopefully they'll love it, smile and relate to our endless stream of disasters, dramas, embarassing moments, childhood milestones, tear jerking nativity plays and summer holidays that all went wrong. And laughs. Lots of laughs. 


Back in the world of fiction, my most recent novel, One Day In December follows the lives of four people over 24 hours, and it's a tale of love, friendship, secrets, and lies. It's sometimes funny, sometimes sad and sometimes completely unpredictable... like life, really.


I'm also one half of the writing duo SHARI KING, with my lovely chum, entertainment correspondent Ross King. Our novels Taking Hollywood and Breaking Hollywood are dark, scandalous thrillers set in 80s Glasgow and present day LA. 

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I really hope you enjoy them and if you've got a spare few minutes please do drop me a line - I always love to hear what you think.

Love, Shari xxx  

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